Breeding in the Neko-Ken

Looking for a Akita Inu! To learn more about this great dog, here is a short summary on the breed and my breeding (it’s a bit long but well worth it). The Akita inu is the largest Japanese dog. It is very easy to live on a daily basis: calm dog, little barker, clean by nature, despite its large size and its look (Asian Spitz) Character and needs limits. He is a good watchdog but do not count on him to play sports.

Half dog, half cat: the Akita is faithful to his master.


It would be the perfect dog if it was not a dog susceptible to his same-sex counterparts. But, to learn more about the dog community, I can tell you that many other dogs are in the same situation. The Akita is a sensitive dog that must be educated gently.

My puppies are born at home and are socialized to the maximum (accustomed to cats, car, campaign, various noises…). It is important to properly socialize puppies so that they are happy and safe from them. Prefer a passionate breeding which will take time to take care of the puppies and especially to know perfectly his race, livestock multi race where the puppies stay behind grids, where often the performance predominates on the quality and knowledge.1-IMG_0037

As soon as my puppies have 6 weeks, we start the puppy’s education. If we can, we go to a club. There, they learn socialization in contact with various humans, various dogs and unusual objects and especially the car (because there is 3 hours of road). I use the method of clicker training (combine the soft and natural method, removing all constraints). This method is ideal for puppies and even adults. It is to encourage the dog to obey you by his pure pleasure by leaving him free to choose (no constraint of extreme domination). This is really the perfect way to be in communion with your pet. For example, my puppies are already starting to walk, recall and sit. All this needs to be reinforced by other encounters but it was very important at this age to imbue certain attitudes.

My puppies are Pedigree (confirmed parents and excellent lines mostly imported from Japan), tattooed by microchip (more expensive but mostly reliable and painless), vaccinated, dewormed correctly (every 15 days until their 2 months ) and without external parasites (fleas, ticks …) before leaving with their family. My dogs and stallions are all derived from radiographed lines of hips, controlled patellae and eyes.
In fact, I let my babies leave the house at 10 weeks instead of 8 because the law allows the sale from 8 weeks, so it is the most critical and difficult age, during the life of a dog , out of its natural environment (8 weeks is the phase where the puppies are afraid of everything and it is during this period that it allowed us to give them). So I prefer to have balanced puppies and good in their paws.


Do not hesitate to contact me for any other information, because I do not sell furniture but living beings. And do not just look at the price or the proximity to choose your future friend (better save, move and wait a few years to afford the dog you want, rather disappointed and get rid of him: there is enough abandoned dogs!). It is important that this dog corresponds to your style and your pace of life, your character and your taste (aesthetic criteria specific to each) because it will remain in your life at least twelve years ..

I highly recommend moving and coming to see my dogs. It would be better if you come before I have puppies to not let you soften by the babies’ little children, because we are all the same, we love it! This will allow you to see the character of each of my dogs which is quite different. In addition, it will also allow me to know if this race will match you and suit you perfectly, or if you need to “work” a little so that you can live in harmony; Which lineage or sex will you agree best … For the preservation of the health and management of my dogs, I am careful not to reproduce them too soon (not before their two years) and late (not after their eight years) . It is abnormal to reproduce a female in each heat (exhaustion, back and hip problems and loss of motivation and cheerfulness). For my part, my productions reproduce very little (it’s not laying hens, and I will not tolerate the battery cage!).

Hoping have convinced you the Akita is a great dog and it conforms to your expectations, I expect your news soon.